December 15, 2019 Morning Worship Service | Pastor Carl McCray

Message: Christmas Means Ever-Increasing

Worship with Music: Interpretive Movement by Molly Pryse and Special Music by the BBC Quartet

Christmas, in a word, means ever-increasing.

  • Ever-increasing opportunity – We may experience set-backs, but victory is around the corner. We will never lack opportunities to reach others for God’s Kingdom. The harvest is plentiful! 
  • Ever-increasing joy – God wants to fill our hearts with joy! 
  • Ever-increasing impact – As Christians, we can have an impact on others for which there shall be no end!

There’s more to life than “things.” Jesus came to give us an abundance of everything that truly matters. As Christians, we have ever-increasing opportunities. As we serve the Lord, He will give us purpose, direction and joy!

Are you at peace with God? Do you have a personal relationship with him? If not, there is time today. Will you present yourself as a gift to the King today? 


Burgin Baptist Church