April 21, 2019 Easter Morning Worship Service | Pastor Carl McCray

Special music by
Linda Dane, Jerry Shepherd, David Woodward, and Tony Hatfield
“Because He Loved Me”

Message: Don’t Give Up

 What do you do when you ask God for help and He doesn’t seem to answer? When Lazarus became sick, his sisters, Mary and Martha, asked Jesus to come. By the time Jesus arrived, Lazarus had been dead several days.

You may ask some of these questions. Why does God allow bad things to happen? How can the Lord see so much suffering and be silent? Where is God? Why doesn’t God show up when I need Him the most?

Sometimes we pray only to experience His stillness. What do you do when you ask, when you seek, when you knock and – when you do that – God seems silent? Some think God doesn’t care and they give up. Maybe you are on the verge of giving up today. When God is silent, don’t give up!

The fact is that God answers prayers. Prayers cause things to happen! God loves us. He wants us to grow (James 1:2-3). And like in the case of Mary and Martha when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead – sometimes God wants to show off (in a good way).


Burgin Baptist Church