Easter Sunday Worship | Carl McCray, Pastor

Sermon: Don’t Miss Out


Audio of Sermon

On Easter, we celebrate the greatest event in the history of the world – the resurrection of Jesus Christ! As we read the eyewitness accounts throughout the gospels in the Bible, we discover that even Jesus’ closest followers almost missed the miracle of the resurrection, After Jesus had been horrifically crucified on the cross, His disciples ran for their lives fearing they might be next. They scattered. Some went into hiding, others went back to fishing, one had committed suicide. They didn’t expect Jesus to rise from the dead, yet He did! That’s what we celebrate on Easter – the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ. That’s what Easter is all about.

When we are faced today with the possibility of God doing a miraculous work in our lives, in our church, often times we are just like the disciples. We just don’t believe it. It’s outside the realm of possibility in our own thinking and knowledge. When that happens to us, we are on the verge of missing out on the miracles and God’s power in our lives. The resurrection of Jesus was the greatest miracle in history, but is was not the last. God is still at work in our world today. He’s still touching and changing lives, but sometimes we miss out. Why do we miss out on God’s power and miracles today?

We miss out because…

  1. We have low expectations. The women who went to the tomb that day expected to find a dead body (Luke 24:5). They were looking for life among the dead. Sometimes we do the same thing. We seek life (God) among things that are dead (the world). We look for joy, satisfaction and happiness from the world.
  2. We think like the disciples. His most devoted followers thought the resurrection was nonsense (Luke 24:11). They didn’t believe the women that Jesus had risen, even though Jesus had told them it would happen (Luke 18:31-33)
  3. We have blurred vision. Peter went the tomb and found it empty just like the women had said. He left the tomb wondering to himself what had happened (Luke 24:12). Sometimes we refuse to have eyes of faith. We want everything to make sense in our simple minds. We miss out because we don’t want to believe. We think there has to be some explanation for when miracles happen. Why can’t we believe that God could do it?

Easter means that even the worst of the worst can be forgiven. Easter means we can receive God’s grace, not what we deserve, but grace. Easter means we can have abundant life. God wants to do the miraculous in your life! I challenge you not to miss it. Are you ready to ask for forgiveness and ask Jesus to be the leader of your life?

Don’t miss out on the Easter miracle in your life!