In addition to providing space for our own activities and members, to serve the needs and interests of our community, Burgin Baptist Church (BBC) offers meeting and activity space to organizations, groups and individuals whose purposes and goals are consistent with the doctrines, beliefs, and social principles of BBC. Decisions concerning the use of church facilities, i.e., buildings and properties, will be guided by the fact that they have been dedicated to worship, Christian education, community service, and related activities.

Permission may be granted to use our facilities for weddings, wedding receptions, funerals, special occasions, and events to support the community of Burgin. Space is reserved on a “first come, first served” basis. Regularly-scheduled services and meetings of official groups and organizations that are either a part of, or sponsored by, Burgin Baptist Church have priority over ALL other scheduling.

For detailed information, please see our Facilities Use Manual (with sections A-P) provided here. For your convenience, the sections are also listed individually by topic.

For questions and inquiries, please call the church office at (859) 748-5188.