October 29, 2017 Sunday Morning Worship | Carl McCray, Pastor

Dropline – Peter Had Problems (Luke 22:54-62)

Good News Testimony by Gene Robinson

Gathering together with people who share the same faith in Jesus is truly rewarding! We, the Burgin Baptist Church family, have been learning more about each other as we take turns sharing our personal testimonies about how God has changed our lives. Today, Gene Robinson shared his testimony. 

Message from Pastor Carl McCray

Pastor Carl McCray taught today from Luke 22:54-66 about Simon Peter. Peter’s life was like the amusement park ride, the Dropline…. up and down. What about you? Is your life up today and down tomorrow? Is your quiet time with Jesus hot today and nonexistent until later in the week? Are you following closely at one moment but distant the next? Listen as Pastor Carl shares about Peter’s struggles that are so much like our own. Peter’s struggles included distance from God, discernment, denial, and departing (quitting). Yes, Peter had denied and forsaken Jesus, but the Lord had not forgotten Simon Peter. The Lord hasn’t forgotten you either! Jesus invites you to follow Him. Watch the video and be blessed!