January 15, 2017 – Evening Service | Pastor Carl McCray

Sermon on AttitudeJames 4:1-10

God blesses us in different ways. When the Lord blesses us, He expects us to use it for the purpose of glorifying Him and not ourselves. The Bible teaches us in James 4 about attitudes the Lord resists and attitudes the Lord regards.

God resists:

  • Lustful lives (verse 1) – God wants us to crave Him and Him alone.
  • Doubtful lives (verse 2) – Trust the Lord and present Him with your needs.
  • Selfish lives (verse 3) – Seek the Lord in prayer and ask for His opinion.
  • Worldly lives (verses 4-5) – The Lord desires for us to be faithful to Him; to be a fully committed follower.

God regards:

  • The humble (verse 6) – God gives grace to the humble.
  • The obedient (verse 7) – It is a daily decision to submit to the Lord and resist the enemy, the devil.

Think about your attitudes. Do your attitudes glorify God or yourself? Are you someone that God resists or someone that God regards?

I hope you feel led to watch the video below of the full worship service that includes the sermon on attitude. Also, if you prefer, there is a button below to open an audio file (MP3) of just the sermon.

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