Sunday Morning Worship | Carl McCray, Pastor

Storm Warning: Wrapping Up What Jesus Said….

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This is our third week talking about storms of life and discussing the parable Jesus told in His Sermon the Mount about the wise and foolish builders. In the past two weeks, we learned how to be “Storm Ready” and discovered “Just the Facts” about storms. Today, we are going to wrap up what Jesus said in His Sermon on the Mount.

Are we building our lives on the rock or on the sand? It’s all about obedience. It’s there in our text. Jesus said in Matthew 7:24 (NIV), “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock..” Are we obeying what Jesus said? Are we putting it into practice? If we are, then Jesus said we are wise. When the storms come in our lives, we will be able to stand the bad weather that is certainly to come. However, if we have knowledge and don’t put it into practice, when the storms of life come, we will fall. That is what Jesus was talking about.

Wrapping up what Jesus said…

  1. You can’t blame everything on the storm. In our text, both builders went through the storm but one stood and one fell. The problem is not the storms we will face, it’s about the foundation on which we build our lives. Are you building your life on the truth, the teachings of the Savior who was crucified, buried and arose (the rock)? Or are you building you life on what the world says (the sand)? Jesus was giving us a storm warning. If we are going to stand when the bad weather comes, we’ve got to build our lives on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. It seems most of us are somewhere in the middle – building parts of our lives on the sand and parts on the rock. We have pockets of sand. These are areas of our lives where we struggle to put Jesus’ teaching into practice. But Jesus calls us to a full and complete commitment to Him!
  2. We must take ownership of our decisions. Sometimes we have the idea, ‘it’s just not my fault. We blame the storm, we blame the doctor, we blame God. God’s Word instructs us in every area of our lives – in our health, finances, how we should talk, our work ethic. It’s a matter of choices. Are you willing to obey?

Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.Matthew 7:24 (NIV)

At this moment, do you feel that twinge of God’s Holy Spirit telling you of any area in your life where you are not putting into practice His teachings? Any area? if so, you’ve got some packets of sand. What do we do about that? You can change your spiritual foundation. How? It comes down to the phrase that Jesus said in Matthew 7:24. Put His words into practice. Get aggressive! Identify the areas of your life built on the sand. Ask God to show you what His Word says and put it into practice.