May 12, 2019 Mother’s Day Morning Worship Service | Pastor Carl McCray

Special music by Linda Dane
 “I Heard My Mother Call My Name in Prayer” 

Message: Picking Up the Pieces: Surviving Every-Day Failure (Proverbs 24:16)

We all will fail. We all will fall. It’s going to happen. it’s a part of life. However, failure doesn’t have to be final. The scripture says that “though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again” (Proverbs 24:16).  To deal with failure, you must accept it, learn from it, and get back up and try again! Getting back up applies to all areas of our lives – our career, health, relationships, finances, and most importantly, our spiritual life. Develop the habit of trying again. Don’t discount God’s ability to do the miraculous. The Bible says the wicked stumble when calamity strikes and the righteous rise again. I know you’ve experienced failure. Accept it, learn from it, get up and try again. We only fail when we refuse to get up and try again. The Bible says we all have fallen (Romans 3:23). Everyone one of us. There are none righteous (Romans 3:10). The good news is that God has done for us what is necessary to rescue us from our failure, our sin. He sent His son, Jesus (John 3:16). If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us of all unrighteousness. Jesus wants to rescue you today.


Burgin Baptist Church