Sunday Morning Worship | Carl McCray, Pastor

Sermon: Memory Can Be A Good Thing (Luke 22:14-20)

Observance of Baptism and The Lord’s Supper

Memory can be a good thing! We celebrate The Lord’s Supper to remember.  Remembering has significance.

  1. Historical significance
  2. Redemptive significance
  3. Personal significance

BaptismJune 4, 2017 was a wonderful day for celebrations and remembering! We, as a faith family, witnessed and celebrated the baptisms of some new believers. We also celebrated The Lord’s Supper in remembrance of what Jesus did for all of us. Jesus said in Luke 22:19, “do this in remembrance of me.” As followers, we are to partake of the Lord’s Supper. As we partake, we are remembering the sacrifice of Jesus, His shed blood, His resurrection, that He is reigning, and He is the soon returning King! It is also a time for each of us to examine our own life (not our neighbors, coworkers or family) and repent of our sin.

“And he [Jesus] took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.” – Luke 22:19

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Easter Sunday Worship | Carl McCray, Pastor

Sermon: Don’t Miss Out


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On Easter, we celebrate the greatest event in the history of the world – the resurrection of Jesus Christ! As we read the eyewitness accounts throughout the gospels in the Bible, we discover that even Jesus’ closest followers almost missed the miracle of the resurrection, After Jesus had been horrifically crucified on the cross, His disciples ran for their lives fearing they might be next. They scattered. Some went into hiding, others went back to fishing, one had committed suicide. They didn’t expect Jesus to rise from the dead, yet He did! That’s what we celebrate on Easter – the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ. That’s what Easter is all about.
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Sunday Morning Worship | Carl McCray, Pastor

Jesus is coming! Let’s walk alongside together and examine that day, Palm Sunday, when Jesus entered into Jerusalem. It was a welcome like a modern day parade! In Luke 19, let’s look together at…

1. The crowd
2. Jesus
3. The donkey’s owners
4. The donkey

What is the most important (valuable) thing in your life right now? What is it? Your time, your money, your house? Now, If Jesus said to you today, ‘I need that,’ would you give it to Him like the donkey’s owners did? Or would you hold onto it?

Who is on the throne of your life? Who is giving you directions? Is it the world and it’s culture or maybe your education? It aught to be Jesus! The world will collapse one day, but Jesus’ word will never fail and will never change. God wants to change us and transform us to proclaim Him. Jesus makes all the difference in this world.

Jesus is coming again. Are you ready? Have you acknowledged that you are a sinner and need a Savior? Surrender now and make Jesus the leader of your life.

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February 12, 2017 – Morning Service | Pastor Carl McCray

Sermon: A Party With a Purpose (Luke 5:27-32)

When Jesus called Levi (Mathew), a tax collector, to follow Him, Matthew left everything and followed. Shortly afterwards, Matthew hosted a party with a purpose. He wanted his lost friends to meet Jesus. Listen as Brother Carl highlights…..

  1. The Calling,
  2. The Problem, and
  3. The Response.

Just as Matthew was handpicked by Jesus… so are we! Just as Matthew was asked to follow…. so are we! We are God’s plan to reach our family, friends, co-workers – those outside the faith. Have you ever thought about having a party with a purpose, just like Matthew did? Think about what God can do if we would just put forth the effort and take some risks. You might be the critical link to someone finding Jesus.



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