April 22, 2018 Sunday Morning Worship | Carl McCray, Pastor

The Jesus Way (Mark 10:17-22)

Our attitudes should be like Jesus (Philippians 2:5 NIV). We should learn to walk as He walked. It’s safe to say that we can’t walk on water or perform miracles, but we can walk in His ways. The Jesus way directs attention to God. The Jesus way is motivated by love. The Jesus way helps people identify the “one big thing” that is standing between them and God and salvation.

In Mark 10:17-22 NIV, we learn about a rich,young ruler who asked Jesus what he must do to obtain eternal life. The one big thing that was holding him back from salvation was his wealth. Do you identify with the rich, young ruler? Have you dealt with the one big thing that is holding you back from a relationship with Jesus?


Burgin Baptist Church