November 17, 2019 Morning Worship Service | Pastor Carl McCray

Message: The Showdown

So many people struggle with spiritual indecision. That was the case with the children of Israel in 1 Kings 18 which tells us about Elijah’s showdown on Mount Carmel. That is also the case with many today. One of the greatest problems with modern Christianity is spiritual indecision or spiritual apathy.

We must decide sooner or later if the Lord is God. Choose today whom you will serve. No more excuses. Are you fully in for Jesus? Is your walk so clear and your commitment so strong that everybody around you would know you are for Jesus? Stop sitting on the fence. Take a stand for what you know is true and go full in for Jesus.

Watch the video to learn more about Elijah’s showdown at Mount Carmel, about the great confrontation, the grand challenge, and the glorious climax.


Burgin Baptist Church