October 14, 2018 Morning Worship Service | Pastor Carl McCray

Message: Getting Through Troubled Waters

Israel had been miraculously delivered from slavery. Before the Israelite people could enter the Promised Land, they had a major obstacle in their path – the Jordan River. There was no way the Israelite people could cross the river on their own. They needed supernatural help. Crossing the troubled water involved a:

  • challenge (verses 3-4)
  • command (verse 5)
  • commitment (verses 9-13)
  • crossing (verses 14-17)

We all have troubled waters, a “Jordan River,” and need God’s supernatural help to get to the other side. Why does God tell us to do something when we can’t? So when we receive His help, His provision, and His power, the result will be that God will get the glory and the honor due to His holy name. It’s not what we have done – it’s what God has done.

Following God may not be the easiest thing to do, but it will be the best thing you will do! Put your trust in God, and He will get you through the troubled waters.


Burgin Baptist Church